Tsubaki oil & Melissa Essential Oil Body & Hand Wash


  • 不含致敏成份
  • 不含SLS



Ingredients: Tsubaki Oil, Melissa Essential Oil, Water

  • Allergen-free
  • SLS-free

Suitable for children, adults and the elderly. Gently cleanses and scents your skin after washing.


【香蜂草精油 Melissa essential oil






Melissa plant is native to the Mediterranean region and its health benefits have been known for centuries. It is one of the most highly regarded essential oils for treating allergies and is even more effective than Chamomile in relieving some allergic symptoms.

Melissa essential oil can be extracted from the entire plant but pure oil is rare and expensive because only very small amount of pure oil can be obtained from the plant with high water content.

Health benefits:

Relieves allergy symptoms, improves mood, relieves spasms, relieves bloating,

improves heart functions, lowers blood pressure, prevents nervous disorders, improves digestion, treats menstrual problems, maintains stomach health, reduces fever, calms and smoothes, promotes sweating.


Invigorates sensitive skin by restoring metabolism for healthy glow .

【椿花油 Tsubaki oil


Obtained by cold-pressing the camellia seeds and containing approximately 80% unsaturated fatty acid, Tsubaki oil has been a traditional hair care and beauty secret for Japanese for centuries and is celebrated for its benefits of sunscreen, hydration, dark spot correction and wrinkle reduction.