Ling Lee無添加杏仁幼鹽面膜 (Almond and Salt Mask)

有美白、殺菌去黑頭、除斑印的功效,並有暗瘡殺手的美譽。 能有效地控制T字位油份, 及深層淸潔。每次用一小茶匙開一小碗水, 用化妝棉沾些鹽水抺4 – 5次,再用淸水洗淨, 之後塗上椿花油保濕效果更佳 。


Whitening, clear blackhead and acne, remove colour spots, T-zone oil control and deep cleansing. 

Mix one tablespoonful of the powder with one bowl of water. Gently swipe 4 to 5 times with a doused cotton pad. Wash and rinse with water, followed by Camilla seed oil for moisturization.