Ling Lee無添加紅蔘綠豆面膜粉 (Red Ginseng and Green Bean Mask)



洗面後,用一湯匙紅蔘綠豆面膜粉加入約兩湯匙清水,搞勻, 均勻地敷在面上 (要避開眼睛部位),留在面上7-10分鐘後用溫水洗淨, 再抺上椿花油來防曬保濕,效果更佳。 (每星期2次更佳)


Red ginseng’s active ingredients are believed to improve overall health, improve skin conditions, anit-aging and reduce fine lines. Green beans are known for its anti-inflammatory, firming and whitening, and pore-refining properties, and can heal acne and eczema.


Mix one table spoonful of mask powder with 2 table spoonfuls of water to make a paste, evenly apply to face (avoid eye areas) and leave for 7 to 10 mins. Rinse thoroughly with water, followed by Camilla Seed Oil for sunblock and moisturization. (2 times a week for best result).